the giants of malta and more reasons to visit

The Giants Of Malta And Many Other Reasons To Visit

On my travels, I have been to Malta twice now. After the first time I was I very keen to go back again and I STILL would LOVE to come back here for a 3rd time. The Giants of Malta I hadn’t heard of before but I knew there was something VERY prehistoric about the place.

The Megalithic Temples of Malta are a pretty big tourist attraction but one building I walked into after having nowhere to stay for the night reminded me exactly of Fred Flintstones house.

I just walked in there. There was (I think) 3 guys from Senegal (or Gambia) staying there. It had a stone table, a round stone exterior and there was no glass in the windows.

Just like in the flintstones. Yabba Dabba Doo!

flintstones house was like the place I visited in Malta

Maybe you get the picture but you walk around some places in Malta you will see the stone walls, and the place is something else. Seeing it really is believing.

stone building in malta
I never did any History- related tours on either of my trips. I went to Gozo and Comino they are quite significant but this is something I’ve definitely got an itch for.

Especially since watching this video.



The Giants Of Malta & Maltese Folklore

*OK so I do NOT have a trip to Malta booked! (YET) It is not like my last post which was very much an announcement of my next planned trip. Although, I was tempted to book flights for Malta prior to this – I could have got there for £12.99 and I think £12.99 back FROM LUTON.

*During Ryan Airs Last Sale*

Although, getting to Malta is pretty much ideal for me. Perhaps later this year it might be something else to look into, as a lot of flights from Luton. But, as I mentioned above last night I watched a video about The Giants of Malta and it’s fascinating archaeological finds.

It’s main focus is the HAL SAFLIENI HYPOGEUM and the conspiracy theories related to Malta’s megalithic subterranean temples.

I think you really should watch this video for yourself but really this is just the tip of the iceberg. Watch the video it is one of the most interesting I’ve watched in quite a while but also Google Malta Giants.

I will share a few results;

I guess (as I’ve said already) seeing really is believing but I will tell you what the first time I went to Malta I didn’t know about any of it’s history. I think I had heard about the Knights of Malta and I thought it was interesting that He-Man has a Maltese Cross on his chest but that was really it.

he man and the maltese cross

*He looks like he is in Malta here lol – maybe it was an inspiration for the character.

My First Time Visiting Malta

my first time in malta
It was 2020 just after the first COVID lockdown. My 2nd trip that year. I went to Dublin and Galway before the outbreak. I mean I did not believe in COVID was what the media said really. I still don’t. I’d rather not get into this but after the first lockdown Ryanair had a £5 a flight sale on so I booked 2 return flights for me and my nephew.

There was a lot of panic about getting quarantined when we got back home but thankfully it never came to that. We both stayed in an Airbnb in St. Julians Bay and it was a good 5 days. This is the main tourist area and REALLY (I’d day) this is where you want to stay although Valletta is a beautiful city to visit.

Anyway, so the main things me and my nephew did besides eating out at Restaurants was we visited the Marine Park one day and we booked the Gozo and Comino boat tour.

gozo and comino blue lagoon cruise
We paid extra for 15 minutes on a speed boat. Went into a cave and back out. It was cool but I didn’t really think anything of it. I could have had a walk around Gozo and see some of these prehistoric sites but I never.

I see people there did, they were given about an hour to get back to our boat but I didn’t think anything of it. I just sat there drinking a beer.

Although, I come back home and I really wish I did. My nephew went snorkelling I believe there was Lemon sharks in the water. It was pretty boring of me. I’m sure my nephew would agree.

my nephew jacob swimming in gozo
*Note: if you are interested. This is my photo album from this trip on Facebook. Click HERE<<

My Second Time In Malta

This was my first trip away with the Gremlins. Maybe they will be a bit annoyed reading this but I thought it would be funny to gate crash their holiday. It was quite an eye opener really.

I didn’t get any photos. None really worth sharing.

kareoke bar st jullians malta

I can’t say it was a bad experience but I lost my phone. I had nowhere to stay for 3 nights and I lost my phone (why I have no photos).

This led to me spending a further night out on my ear in Budapest but 2 nights (out of 3) I walked around the Island for miles.

I had nowhere to go so I just kept walking.

It was stupid really because I didn’t book at the hostel for my whole stay. I thought I would see if I liked it and if I didn’t like it then I could go and stay at the other one.

This was so stupid because one morning I woke up. I was so drunk that I woke up on the sofa by the reception desk and they told me that I hadn’t booked for the next night.

I asked to book for the rest of my stay but I was too late (or so they said). Maybe they didn’t want me there? Although it was the weekend and these places apparently get booked pretty fast.

And maybe it was because I kept on drinking. I probably wasn’t doing enough to find somewhere else to stay but it did seem that everywhere was booked.

There wasn’t anywhere else I could find after this but it was quite fascinating to see all the things I did. Even if I did get bitten alive by mosquitos from staying out all night.

*Don’t make this same mistake as me.


My Third Time In Malta

OK so there hasn’t been a 3rd time YET but they do say “the third time is a charm / third time lucky”. It is only a matter of time (I think). All the flights I have seen are from Luton. I see a lot include stop overs but plenty of flights for under £50 on Skyscanner for all the months I checked.

Maybe for £120 I’ll find a return. See what comes up. Maybe I’ll find some cheaper flights even.

I think I would maybe look at Budapest on the way back again. It was a nightmare the last time I did this (perhaps I’ll write about this later) but I’ve been back to Budapest since and I’d definitely do this. Or somewhere else – I don’t mind stopovers but probably not Italy I don’t think.

I think I would be OK getting a 6 AM early flight here but on way back my aim I think would be getting back to Luton before 6PM.

I am rambling on a bit here but besides all this…


What Is There To Do In Malta


Now I know about the Giants of Malta and the Megalithic Temples of Malta. I would like to visit some places. the HAL SAFLIENI HYPOGEUM I would be a bit wary about but maybe I would like to see it.

As far as I know there are a few tours you can book on

Some of these tours are quite expensive. The Prehistoric Temples tour I could not afford NO WAY but one I’d definitely do is The Ggantia Temples tour. According to folklore these were built by Sansuna the Giantess – this would be something I’d love to see.

sasuna the giantess who built the temple in malta according to folklore

*The picture is of Sasuna thje Giantess – screenshotted from the video above*

So, besides this where I’d like to go – there are two museums. One in Valetta and the folklore museum in Gozo. I am getting pretty excited just writing this. The Discover GOZO, Comino, the BLUE LAGOON & Caves tour is very cheap too and maybe I would like to go more than once.

Actually just to go for that walk around the Island of Gozo.

Really I would just love to spend 2 weeks here in Malta and do everything. What a blog post this would be? and maybe you can help –

Join Viator with my link (CLICK HERE) – I am an affiliate. If you join (it’s free) but any money you spend in future I will make a small commission on.

*The price you pay will not be affected and this saves you the trouble of going to the tourist office. In fact, they will say the prices are pretty much the same. Although you can earn points on every trip which you can use to make future trips cheaper. This is the best thing about it – I still have 3 euros credit to use from Cape Verde for next time I book using this app.

BUT all I will say is there is something else you should know about Malta. There are lot’s of bars. It’s very easy to get drunk and waste your money. All this stuff I mentioned above is SO EASY to miss out on. Which is such a terrible shame.


My Advice For Travelling To Malta

Firstly, I think stay in Saint Julian. There are hostels in Valletta it’s definitely worth a good walk around the capital city. You can stay at a hostel here for £21 a night but St. Julian is a lovely place to stay.

It’s pretty easy to navigate too as Saint Julian’s bay is a pretty big focal point. It is kind of a big place but it isn’t if that makes any sense.

saint julians bay Malta
You can kind of navigate yourself pretty well here just by walking around and getting familiar with the place. It is somewhere you will definitely feel quite relaxed and there is plenty to do whilst here.

For everything else you can get the bus for quite cheap. Even to Valletta is only a few euros. I think one reason to stay here in St. Julian is this.

The Airport in Valletta is no trouble to get to and back. It is quite easy here but I think the trouble is you can get a bit too caught up with the party atmosphere here. Lot’s of Irish bars, karaoke’s, and places open until late.

It depends where you go pricewise if you are drinking alcohol – some places are quite pricey but some are cheap. I think I would like to come here and stay sober. You probably would have quite a lot to do without getting drunk the whole time I think.

There is so much to see in Malta. The place is a link to the ancient past, and really I think it’s worth coming here for 2 weeks rather than just one.

Although, you will definitely need to tighten your purse strings where possible. If you are looking for budget travel – I can’t say how cheap it is possible to do this trip for but I guess I will save that for another blog post.


In Conclusion

So I hope The Giants Of Malta is not too much of a clickbait title for this blog post. I could have wrote about all the cover ups, elongated skulls, the UFOs I see in the skies over Saint Julian’s Bay and all the fun mysterious stories about this Island but I have embedded the video for this reason – definitely watch that. Let me know what you think.

Also, check out the links I shared. The Malta Small Island of Giants article is pretty interesting and the two on Reddit.

I think after reading this all you will definitely want to come here. And if you live nearer to Luton airport like me I think it’s an absolute MUST!

I shall finish this article up here anyway but from me and Teddy – hope you have enjoyed reading and we hope to see you all again soon!

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  1. Alex, your vivid recount of Malta’s enchanting landscapes and the mysterious allure of its megalithic temples had me hooked from the first paragraph! Your adventures, from the unexpected stay in a Flintstones-esque abode to the serene beauty of Gozo and Comino, paint a picture of Malta that goes beyond the typical tourist brochure. It’s fascinating how Malta, with its rich tapestry of history, folklore, and archaeological wonders like the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, offers a unique glimpse into the past that’s still so palpable today.
    Your experiences, especially the encounters with locals and the spontaneous explorations, resonate with the true essence of travel – the unexpected joys and discoveries that await around every corner. I’m particularly intrigued by the Giants of Malta and the folklore surrounding these ancient sites. It’s a reminder of the layers of stories and history that places hold, waiting to be uncovered. I haven’t been to Malta yet, but your post has certainly placed it high on my travel list. The blend of adventure, history, and the simple pleasure of exploring is captivating. I’m looking forward to seeing where your travels take you next and the stories you’ll share.

    Cheers to more adventures and discoveries!

    1. Hi John, It is a must go to holiday destination for me. Just try to avoid the summer months as it is burning hot here. I believe it is hot most of the year here. It is off the coast of Tunisia so even though it is classed as a European country it is close to North Africa.

      I know what you mean about the Giants – if you haven’t done so watch the video by Mr Mythos I have embedded it into this blog post.

  2. Wow, you are making me enthusiastic about visiting Malta, I never knew as a European that there is so much to do and see in Malta, besides the beach haha. On my bucket list when I will visit Malta is the guided trip to the temples and the BLUE LAGOON; Caves tour sounds interesting as well. Can I ask if diving is possible in Malta? Thanks for the insights on Malta!

    1. Hi Lizzie, Malta is a top tourist attraction to visit. There is plenty to do. Check out to take a look at the different tours available. The Blue Lagoon you can visit on the Gozo and Comino cruise. It is not expensive about 30-40 euros and i am not sure if it is still the same but when I went I got free drinks and lunch.

      I did not go diving when I was here but yes there are diving opportunities {See Here}

  3. Malta’s got this vibe that’s like stepping into a history book but in the coolest way possible. Seriously, from those Flintstone-like buildings to the tales of giants, it’s like the island is whispering ancient secrets. And those Megalithic Temples? They’re not just rocks; they’re stories set in stone. Can’t wait to see what round three in Malta has in store for you! 🏰✨

    1. Honestly,  it is kind of easy to miss it has the most beautiful blue waters.  My first visit I didn’t think much about how special it was and as I am sure you read I am now pretty keen to go back there to explore this all again.

      If you haven’t been whether you just like a party or to see all this stuff with your own eyes I definitely recommend. 

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