Top 10 Tourist Attractions To Visit In Prague

What Are The Top 10 Tourist Attractions In Prague Czech Republic

OK where do I start? I would like to say the Marshmallow Men (more on them soon lol) but no seriously I find the allure of Prague and its ability to transcend time to really be quite something else.

It really is hard to pinpoint the Top Tourist Attractions In Prague. With every step on its cobblestone streets, you are reminded that this city isn’t just a place, but a chapter in the grand narrative of European history and culture.

I have been to Prague technically 3 times now and I LOVE it. For me, this city is more than a tourist destination; it’s a living museum that demands to be experienced with reverence and a sense of wonder.

Prague’s history stretches back over a millennium, and its skyline is a mosaic of architectural marvels from various epochs. Gothic spires reach for the skies, Baroque domes shimmer in the sunlight, and the occasional modern façade hints at the city’s ongoing dialogue with the present.

For you, the traveller, understanding Prague’s past helps deepen the appreciation for every sight you’ll encounter.

So let’s take a look at this.


The Top 10 Tourist Attractions In Prague

So, I did mention the Marshmallow Men, their boat tours are a fun little adventure when you get to the old town. I know it is a bit childish of me (you should see how excited I get) but something about them really makes me laugh and smile lol

prague to venice boat trip

*For me I think it is because they remind me of the ‘Stay Puft ‘Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters and I’m a big fan of the old cartoon. The films I guess to, but not just that they are proper characters to meet and their boat trip I didn’t go on till my last visit but it’s not expensive and each trip comes with a free drink and a goodie bag.

Also, on the boat trip from Prague to Venice (not Venice Italy – this is what the river is called) if you’re lucky you can sometimes see Otters on the river banks.

I did not unfortunately but I will certainly be back sooner or later and I hope to see them.

So, besides this I didn’t just start writing this review to talk about the Marshmallow Men but now this is out the way (let’s say they are No. #1 on this list of Tourist Attractions In Prague). Let’s take a look at everything else.

Other Reasons to Visit Prague

Concrete Bridge on the River Prague

Eager minds and open hearts are needed when we step into different cultures and histories. I’ve always believed that the best way to honour a place is to engage with its legacy — that means relishing the local cuisine, learning a few phrases in Czech, and interacting with the people who call Prague home.

For instance… (no I’m not going to say it) but their stories and smiles are as much a part of the city as any landmark. But yes SERIOUSLY what else…

As we segue into the labyrinth of narrow alleys and grand squares that define Prague’s Old Town, I encourage you to take a moment. Look around and to let the historic weight of the Old Town Square sink in.

Now, let’s continue with this list of Prague’s main attractions.


The Prague Orloj Astronomical Clock

the clock tower prague

So, The Astronomical Clock, is quite a special one. If you book the Ghosts of Prague tour they have a very interesting story about one of the makers of this clock Jan Růže (also called Hanuš).

*Hanus was not the original makers of this clock but someone very famous for his work in developing it during the 17th century.

Hanuš was according to legend purposely blinded so he wouldn’t create another clock elsewhere.

Apparently driven mad by this act the clockmaker threw himself into the gears of the clock, killing himself and with his death placed a curse on the clock that meant anyone who tried to fix it would be driven insane.

Today, the clock you see in Prague has undergone many different repairs since it was first built by Mikuláš of Kadaň and scientist Jan Sindel in 1380.

I heard on the ghost tour that what’s here is not the original clock. Not sure how true this is but anyway you can’t miss it. Right before you get to Charles Bridge in the old town it is right behind you on the corner to the left.

Exploring the Heart of Prague: The Old Town

I find myself amidst the cobbled lanes and vibrant facades of Prague’s Old Town, the historical core that has seen centuries of gatherings, celebrations, and pivotal moments.

Here, the Old Town Square serves as the pulsating heart, where Gothic and Baroque architectures stand as testament to Prague’s storied past.

The square is home to some unmissable sights; as mentioned above the Medieval Astronomical Clock. I recommend witnessing the clock’s hourly show, where figures of the Apostles emerge to the anticipation of an audience gathered beneath.

But this is just one of many Prague’s popular Tourist Attractions.

Nearby, the Jan Hus Monument rises with a quiet power, reminding visitors of the reformer’s influence and the quest for religious freedom.

To truly appreciate the area’s charm, I suggest lingering at a local café. Sample a Trdelník, a traditional pastry, as you soak in the atmosphere and for those with a penchant for shopping, the array of artisan boutiques and vibrant markets offer treasures from Bohemian glass to handcrafted jewellery.

*A tip for keen shoppers: negotiation is expected, and the hunt for a unique keepsake can be as rewarding as the purchase itself.

Now, as day gives way to dusk, the Old Town’s magic doesn’t wane.

Take a moment to watch the lights gently come to life, casting a warm glow over the ancient stones and outlining the history etched within them.

And as you wander the golden-lit avenues, know that the grandeur of the Prague Castle Complex looms, just a stone’s throw away, ready for tomorrow’s exploration.

Discovering The Prague Castle Complex

prague castle

I am yet to visit here myself. Last time I came to Prague I really wanted to go but I didn’t feel like I had the time. I think it was someone I spoke to on top of the the tower before you get to before the Charles bridge (you can go up here for 5 euros). They said it was free if you walk there. I like a long walk whilst I’m away but this is certainly something for another time for me.

Prague Castle is a big place from what I understand, from what I gather you need to give it at least half a day here to enjoy it thoroughly. It is not just the castle either but lot’s of interesting places to visit within its grounds. Hence, why you should give your visit good time.

Inside The Prague Castle Grounds

A MUST-VISIT within the complex is St. Vitus Cathedral, a prime example of Gothic architecture, with its spires stretching towards the sky. It houses treasures like the tomb of St. Wenceslas, a revered Czech patron saint and the stained glass windows here aren’t just pieces of art; they’re stories captured in colours.

Then don’t skip the Golden Lane, a quaint street with small, colourful houses that once housed goldsmiths, and now feature shops and exhibits. The Royal Palace, where grand balls were once the norm, is a window into the life of Czech royalty and their seat as the capital of Bohemia.

Now, ABOUT THOSE TICKETS. There are different types of tickets granting access to various parts of the castle. My advice is to buy your ticket online to avoid the often long lines, and consider investing in a guided tour to truly understand the historical context.

I think you can walk to the castle for free. Apparently its quite a trek but maybe your like me and you don’t mind a long walk / hike in foreign lands. So..

Just a short walk down from the castle hill leads you to the iconic Charles Bridge, a bridge that’s more than just a crossing over the Vltava river; it’s a living gallery, a historical monument, and maybe even a love story waiting to happen. But I’ll save that for the next section.


Crossing the Iconic Charles Bridge

charles bridge prague old town

A walk across the Charles Bridge is more than just a means to get from one side of the Vltava river to the other; it’s a stroll through the heart of Prague’s historical narrative.

Commissioned by King Charles IV in 1357, this architectural marvel has stood the test of tumultuous centuries, surviving floods and wars to become a symbol of the city’s endurance.

As I step onto the cobblestones, the bridge reveals its stories not just through the grandeur of its design but also through the 30 baroque statues that line its balustrade.

*Note if you ask the Marshmallow men (I know I said I had finished on the topic) they will tell you about all the different Saints on the building. I had a long chat with one of them they certainly know their Bohemian Saints.

Each has a tale to tell, like that of St. John of Nepomuk, protector against floods and secrets. If you touch his statue, local lore promises good luck and a return to Prague.

Be Sure To Take Photos

For keen photographers or anyone who wants to capture the essence of the city, the bridge’s vista of Prague Castle and the spires of Old Town make an unforgettable snapshot, especially at dawn when the soft light bathes the city in gold.

There are two towers I know that you can go up near Charles Bridge. Up here as long as your not afraid of heights is a magnificent view.

tower overlooking charles bridge prague old town
You may wonder about the best time to traverse this historic walkway. My recommendation? Aim for early morning or later in the evening when the bridge is less crowded. This way, you can take in its beauty unobstructed and at a leisurely pace.

Often, visitors end their crossing without recognizing that the bridge serves as a perfect transition to another chapter of Prague’s art scene: The National Gallery.

Following the path from the bridge leads you directly to some of Prague’s most noteworthy galleries, including those housed within the fairytale-like Kinsky Palace.

It’s in these spaces that the city’s artistic legacy continues to unfold, setting the stage for the next section of our exploration.


Artistic Delights and Historical Insights

I’m not personally someone who travels to visit Art Galleries but even for me this is attractive. Everywhere you turn in the heart of Prague you see works of art. Statues laced with gold and gargoyles on the sides of buildings – you definitely appreciate it.

But further to this if you have a deep appreciation for art you’re in for a treat at the National Gallery in Prague.

national gallery prague

Housing the Czech Republic’s most precious art collections, it’s a venue where history brushes shoulders with the innovation of countless eras.

The gallery spans various locations, but the real highlights are housed in the Veletrzni Palac. Here you’ll encounter a range of art from medieval to modern.

The Slav Epic by Alfons Mucha is a collection that never fails to captivate with its majestic canvases telling the tale of the Slavic people, and If you’re looking to widen your art horizons, keep an eye out for the gallery’s eclectic mix of European art, including works by masters like Picasso and Van Gogh.

There’s something awe-inspiring about standing mere inches from art that’s shaped cultural narratives.

*As a practical side note, the National Gallery is also considerate of its visitors, with educational programs available for all ages. Whether you’re an art student keen to learn or a family seeking a cultural outing, the gallery has you well-covered.

But moving on…


Visit Prague Zoo

I have to mention Prague Zoo. The first time I come to Prague I did not leave the airport. This was my first time leaving the UK besides Ireland. Maybe this should not count but after this my 2nd time in Prague for my friends Stag do I was constantly getting lost and I remembered seeing the posters for Prague Zoo. Then I really wanted to go.

However, on my next visit to Prague I made sure I did come here. I had just read in the news about the baby Pangolins being born. I didn’t see them but I did see the Gorillas, the Polar Bears and the Tazmanian Devils.

It is well worth visiting for the day. It has had some terrible luck since the turn of the century with 2 devastating floods in 2002 and 2013. Fortunately they was better prepared for the 2013 flood and many animals were saved.

Now there are many plans to build enclosures on higher ground. You can donate for this special cause here.

Savouring Prague’s Unique Flavour: Local Cuisine and Nightlife In Prague

As my exploration of Prague draws to a close, I must highlight an integral aspect of any travel experience – the local cuisine and nightlife.

Prague doesn’t just boast historical landmarks; it’s a city where every meal and evening out can become a cherished memory.

Restaurants like Lokal and Kuchyn offer traditional fare in settings that speak to the city’s heart and soul.

And the evening doesn’t end with dinner. Prague’s nightlife is as vibrant as its history is profound. From classic jazz clubs like AghaRTA Jazz Centrum to the buzzing dance floors at Cross Club, there’s a spectrum of night-time entertainment.

Indulge in the local Praha at a pub or sip a cocktail at a trendy bar – but remember, responsible enjoyment ensures that you and everyone else have a good time.


The Hidden History of Prague

One of the most fascinating thing for me about Prague is the Legends of Tartaria and the Mud Flood. If you see the top of windows level with the pavement this is apparently why – Because where the mud flood covered the city rather than digging these buildings out they were instead built upwards, and on top of. This wasn’t just Prague but apparently all across Eastern Europe.

I don’t know if this is true but you can definitely believe it if you visit here. One club I went to (it may have been the Cross Club) I paid to go into an underground dance room that was pretty impressive (very old) and you definitely get the feeling there are more places just like this.

Plus I know to that one of the tours is an Underground tour. I desperately wanted to do this on my last visit but I booked the ghost tour by mistake. This is a good one to book by the way (the ghosts of Prague tour) but for me the underground in Prague is something I’m very keen to see a bit more of.

 *Note if you have any Interesting tidbits to share about the underground of Prague city and it’s links to Tartaria and the mud flood please share in the comments I am very keen to learn a lot more about this.

In Conclusion

Prague’s charm extends into its nights, where each cobblestone street might lead to a new discovery. However, amidst your adventures, consider the well-being of the city and its residents.

Maintain a sense of decorum, support local businesses, and leave every place as beautiful as you found it. By doing so, you contribute to sustainable tourism and ensure that Prague continues to be a welcoming destination for future travellers.

*Note I think this is an important point to add. Despite all of its beauty if you are drinking and even if you are not watch out for pick pocketers. I have seen them at work before. Someone I travelled with had about 400 euros stolen from him.

The guy had a big map he went up to him asking for directions. Be nice but also be on your guard.

I hope my insights on Prague’s attractions have inspired you to visit and experience them yourself. Take these memories, imbued with the flavour and spirit of Prague, and keep them as timeless reminders of your journey through the heart of Europe.

Safe travels!

And say Hi to the Marshmallow men for me.


Alex and Teddy

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