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Where Am I Off To Next #1 – January 2024

Here is something I am always asked by people after my travels. The first question is “how was your trip” and straight after it’s “where am I off to next?”.

It’s funny because I will get back home from somewhere and after that I will be like – I need to STOP all these International trips.

It is too much for me to think about. I am borderline autistic (aspergers) and travelling is so intense for me. Like in some ways I get there and I am desperate to get back home again. Just so I know I will have that piece of mind of not running out of money or losing stuff that is Important.

Maybe this is quite normal I don’t know but still I am always kind of thinking about getting away. Especially on the cheap.

It is kind of like my thing. I think about everything. How cheaply can I get a flight for? How cheaply can I get back home? How cheaply can I get to the airport for & back? Accommodation, tours etc.

I mean if I could afford to I would like to perhaps get out of Europe really but I guess that time will come once I am a bit more stable financially.

Hopefully this will be later this year but anyway – with all things considered, at the time of writing this…

Where Am I Off To Next #1 – January 2024

London Luton To LanzoroteI am going back to Lanzarote. The Canary Islands.

Only got back from here a month ago (at the time of writing this). It’s a cool place to visit. I liked that it only cost me £4 to get to the airport. It was hot when England was cold. Mostly everything was cheap here and I kind of felt like it fit the criteria for me and my situation (budget travel).

It kind of sucked that I didn’t manage to get a flight back during the day so I could have got home for £4. There was an earlier flight I could have got but I didn’t book in time. So it was me and my friend I travelled with we had to pay £50 for a taxi at midnight.

Thankfully there was two of us to split the bill. £25 is not that bad really! Although I wouldn’t want to pay that if it was just me. Maybe you will see my point.


Why I Want To Go Back To Lanzarote

So, mostly I enjoyed my time in Lanzarote but let’s just say things didn’t go as planned. My friend who I travelled with did his best to try to help me but really he could only do so much and it was enough – I am grateful although why I am going back is because I want to have a better time.

{See My Post About Losing My Phone On Holiday}

So my last trip (I thought) was potentially going to be a nice cheap holiday. Really I needed it to be as I had only just got back from my last one. It started off well but on the third night the bar I went to robbed me blind.

I spent 120 euros just there (god knows how I was VERY DRUNK) and I lost my phone.

It cost me £100 for a new phone because of this (actually 2 phones I got) and I lost out on eBay sales as I wasn’t able to accept offers.

It was so frustrating I couldn’t answer my messages on the go – I got a new phone to do this but by this time there was like a 100 messages to respond to.

Plus what I really hated was I had to borrow money, I was limited by what I could spend as I couldn’t access my online banking, and ALSO I kept getting lost without my phone to use Google Maps. Me and my friend never ended up doing anything. One morning I got lost for 5 hours and he had to spend all morning trying to find me.

I thought to myself after this I need to come back here without messing things up. I thought Me and Lanzarote have unfinished business.


So Here Is What I Am Thinking?

I have checked the first box. I have paid for a flight that cost me £15 and as this leaves at 14:30 on a Monday afternoon it’s £4 to the airport on the bus. I am getting to Lanzarote for under £20.

*Note: I have just booked my return flight for £36.

fuertoventura to london lutonThis is good as if I am back for 3pm I can get the bus home for £4.

This brings my total spent so far to £60. Had to use my credit card which I did NOT like doing but I had to act fast here.

Stupidly as I didn’t book my return flight earlier there was nothing available for cheap back from Lanzarote that got back at a reasonable time. It was £27.99 to get back to Luton at midnight 2 days later. Nothing else to Luton.

But I am quite happy with this arrangement, as I get to see the next Canary Island Fuertoventura as well. To get here by ferry I see I can get here from Playa Blanca for about £15.

This is 100% the plan.

I am not sure if it is as cheap as Lanzarote over in Fuertoventura but it’s fine with me. I will cross this bridge when I get here.

I will have to do a bit more research but worst case scenario I will limit my stay to just the one night. Try and find somewhere near to the airport and hopefully I can do this for cheap as possible. Here is to hoping 😎


My Calculations So Far

Of course I still need to book my accommodation this could be a real problem but here goes…

£60 it will cost me getting to the airport and back. I need to pay for 6 nights accommodation. @ the cheapest I have found it this is £20 a night in Lanzarote and £15 a night in Fuertoventura.

If I plan this right I can do this for £120 including £15 for the ferry.

ferry from Lanzarote to fuertoventura

This would mean spending 3 nights in each place. I will need to plan this right but my calculation for this is £180 with my flights etc.

Then I think I will budget 5 euros a day for breakfast. I’ve got about 30 euros I saved from last time so we can leave this at £180.

I think £100 for food, maybe £100 for drink and OK let’s say a £100 for Tobacco and I reckon for £500 I will be good.

Although, maybe I will go on a couple tours actually.

Let’s say another £100.

Here is what I am thinking £600! is the maximum I will spend on EVERYTHING!

This is the ceiling but I probably will spend a lot less. I am off the alcohol at the moment so this should save me loads – This will be BIG if I can manage this but non alcoholic beer is pretty big on the continent.

On my past trips around Europe I see this is a lot more popular than back in England so this will be a fun experiment.


My Ideal Situation

The BIG thing is that I will not lose my phone or miss my flight home. Every time I’ve gone away something has always gone wrong. This I want to be the first time I get everything right. I think it will be. Possibly!

What I really want to do is see the volcanos. There is a day trip on Viator that’s about £35 (I think it is). My friend wasn’t keen on this last time because you have to sit on a coach for several hours to get to all the places.

I kind of got where he was coming from but this doesn’t actually bother me at all.

I don’t think I will do any other tours in Lanzarote apart from this. However, It would be nice to see the dolphins though I’m thinking. The tours are a bit pricey for Dolphin and Whale Spotting but I see there is the Rancho Texas Wildlife Park that has Dolphins and Sea Lions.

– that will be somewhere to look at hopefully.

Then I see in Fuerteventura they have a zoo with Giraffes and Elephants Oasis Wildlife Park maybe if all goes to plan I will go there as well.


Then After Getting Back (and Before Going)

If I can manage it I want to try and commit a bit of time whilst I’m away to my blogging and eBay. Really I don’t want this trip to be too much of a financial burden. The truth is after paying for these flights I have less than £50 left on my 2 credit cards.

Really I don’t want use either on this trip. One of them I want to start lowering my credit limit on. I am fed up of paying the Interest.

So I want to try and make money whilst I’m away too. eBay should be helpful (I can accept orders on my holiday settings still) but if I can make something more from blogging that would be awesome.

One reason why I blog is I want to live the laptop lifestyle.

Basically making money from affiliate marketing whilst on holiday. Plenty people do it with their blogs – it is a big aspiration of mine.

Also, lol I am thinking maybe I could bring something back to sell. In Mallorca I found a Helly Hensen Jacket that made me £30. I want to do something like that make £30-50 to pay off my credit card with.

I bought a women’s jacket back from Lanzarote last time. This was dumped on the street. I’m gonna put that on Vinted this week and if this sells I will laugh so hard.

Maybe If I can make £15 that will pay for my flight lol

I would actually love to make more. Like £300 and this would be half of my trip paid for. That is basically enough to go somewhere else lol maybe it could go towards my future trip across Finland to Poland!


In Conclusion

Well, I can’t believe I’m going. I said I was going to do this and it is now on the horizon. Really I like this about myself when I say I’m going to do something and I actually go and do it.

My last trip to Lanzarote was a bit too soon considering it was less than a month after I got back from Amsterdam/Cape Verde but why I did (I think) was me and my neighbour traded fridge magnets as we went away at same time.

She give me a magnet from Lanzarote, I gave her one from Cape Verde and my one I looked at it on my fridge and said to myself

“I’ve never been to Lanzarote but I will”.

It was so strange as not long after my friend phoned me and guess what he asked me “Are you up for coming To Lanzarote” It was the Monday just before Black Friday and 5 days later I booked the tickets.

3 weeks later and I was actually there.

It was the same with Edinburgh Zoo, Loch Ness, The Highland Zoo and the Bosnian Pyramids. I said I would go and I did.

I really believe you can do these things easily enough – you just got to take the plunge. Most people worry too much.

It has got me in a lot of debt being this spontaneous. It’s definitely a problem but travelling has definitely motivated me a lot over the past few years (since about 2019).

There is nothing better than having something to look forward to and I think this is a good way to be.

This will be my mission now till when I go away (100%) make as much money as I can, it will be a good reason to stay sober and PLUS last time – confession time I forgot to bring Teddy along so Lanzarote 2.0 – HERE I Come! Look for a future blog post when I get back in March

>>>Help Me Save For My Trip By Buying a Copy of My EBook<<<

I hope you have enjoyed reading. All the best.

Alex and Teddy


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