the bosnian pyramid hoax debunked

The Bosnian Pyramid Hoax Debunked

Back in 2022 I had the great pleasure of visiting the Sun Pyramid and the Ravne 2 Healing Tunnels of Bosnia and Herzegovina. For me this was an amazing experience but let’s address the elephant in the room here – The Bosnian Pyramid Hoax – many will say this is all fabricated to bring tourism to an area that people (most likely) would never visit.

In my view, whether or not The Bosnian Pyramid Hoax is a real thing or not Visoko is a great place to visit and walking through the mountains to get to the Sun Pyramid was for me just AMAZING. And I DON’T think this is a HOAX personally – I believe this is one of the greatest – if not THE Greatest archaeological Discovery of the 21st century so far.

But I think if it ever did come out that this was all lies this would be so sad because what is going on here is very special. I personally am very keen to go back so I can go even further down into the tunnels. On my last visit I was told that excavations are ongoing and in years to come more of the tunnels would be secured for the general public to see.

Maybe I will come back this year maybe not. On my last trip I also visited Croatia and I am seriously thinking about going back again POSSIBLY. If I do then taking the FlixBus to Bosnia is definitely something I may just do. But back to the main topic…

The Bosnian Pyramid Hoax Debunked

NOW, It Incredibly took all way until 2005 for Dr. Semir Osmanagić to announce this magnificent realization… That in Visoko, Bosnia – Not only had they uncovered this incredible site with unconceivable links to the past but actually a whole valley of unexplainable abnormalities.

Something that In the almost 20 years since this discovery has left the world with more questions than answers. Not just about if The Bosnian Pyramid Hoax is for real but if it is not then what secrets does this reveal about our own past? Does the technology of these sites indicate an ancient advanced culture? and where else in the world is there that hides such monumental secrets like Visoko Bosnia?

I shall get back to all these questions soon but mostly I wanted to look further at this question here…

Fact or Fiction? Is This Place Actually For Real?

bosnian healing tunnels entrance sign

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Visoko, the Bosnian Pyramid has been a subject of intense debate and fascination among archaeologists, researchers, and enthusiasts alike. Although, the site has stirred controversy as some claim it to be an ancient pyramid complex, while others remain skeptical, dismissing it as a natural formation.

The Controversy:

One of the primary points of contention revolves around the authenticity of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, the largest and most prominent among the alleged pyramid structures. Proponents argue that the precise alignment of the pyramid’s sides, along with the discovery of concrete-like blocks and tunnels, suggests intelligent design rather than a result of geological processes.

Skeptics, on the other hand, contend that these features can be explained by natural phenomena such as erosion and fracturing.

Supporting Evidence:

Advocates for the Bosnian Pyramid’s authenticity point to several intriguing findings that have fueled the debate. The discovery of megalithic blocks resembling construction materials, as well as the presence of a network of underground tunnels, has led some to speculate about the site’s potential as an ancient pyramid complex.

Additionally, proponents argue that the orientation of the pyramid to the cardinal points is too precise to be a mere coincidence, suggesting a deliberate design.

Skeptical Perspectives:

Skeptics, however, emphasize the need for rigorous scientific scrutiny and argue that many of the perceived anomalies can be explained through natural geological processes. They contend that the apparent alignment of the pyramid’s sides may be a result of tectonic forces, and the so-called concrete blocks could be the product of sedimentary layering rather than intentional construction.

The scientific community, in general, urges caution and demands further research before accepting extraordinary claims.

My Experience of Visoko and Bosnia

My Experience of Visoko and Bosnia

During my visit to Visoko I stayed at a lovely Airbnb located near both the Pyramid of the Sun and the Ravne 2 Underground Labyrinth. It was great seeing both of them, the Pyramid of the Sun and the Ravne 2 Healing Tunnels.

The latter definitely a lot more so (I thought) but both are worth taking the time to visit. The Pyramid of the Sun it was a bit of a dangerous hike. I think they were working on making the passage up there a bit more safer but it was very slippery with wet mud.

Also they do recommend not going off track due to the risk of unexploded landmines from the Bosnian war. I thought this was kind of funny as I see a few children playing on these areas where they said not to walk on.

Maybe this was overexaggerated but I guess its better to be safe than sorry.

So, anyway, prior to my visit I had been wanting to come here to Bosnia for some time. I had only known about the Bosnian Pyramids for around 2 years before visiting but ever since I have been quite fascinated by mostly everything about this place.

I think it was after watching a video on Youtube when I first heard about it here, and ever since then it was something constantly on my mind whenever I thought about travelling.

It was really quite an impulsive decision to come – I had a few beers that day and I just booked a flight to Zagreb on my credit card that night.

I mean really It was pretty cheap for the flight and the Flixbus to Bosnia too. Although where I did make a mistake was not booking a flight home in good time. It cost me a bit more really than I wanted to pay (£90 it was). This was to come back via Venice Italy.

So, my initial plan was to go to Belgrade Serbia but because I left it too long these less expensive flights sold out before I got the chance to book.

I mean really it sucked having to pay what I did but Venice is such a beautiful city. 100% I would LOVE to come back through here again. Now…

One of The Greatest Finds of Modern History

(I Will Let You Decide For Yourself)

ravne 2 pyramid of the sun healing tunnels in bosnia

If truth be told for the 2-3 days I spent here in Bosnia this had been something that I was just been itching to write about.  I debated whereabouts I should publish this blog post, but I decided that after visiting the site of the Ravne 2 Healing tunnels that there was a very new age vibe about this place.

*Note: I originally published this article on my other website

If you ever get the chance to visit here you will find a whole stretch of stalls that sell things like crystals, dream catchers and medicinal herbs. There are guided meditation tours here and there is even a tent you can go to outside the tunnels where you can have your auras and chakras measured.

So regarding the Bosnian Pyramid Hoax It does kind of appear that there are a few people here that are taking full advantage of the situation.

I’m not going to lie it’s your typical tourist trap.  Although, saying this in the same breath when you actually step inside the tunnels it really is INCREDIBLE!

For instance inside you will hear about the frequencies that are emanated from within the pyramids structure. This was one thing that made me a believer because you can not get any phone signal.

It apparently is the same as with the Pyramids of Egypt and Mexico.

The Healing Power of The Schumann Resonance

This for me is what I found really interesting – I heard about this before and probably was what made me a believer about these Pyramids – That all around the site of the Ravne 2 Healing Tunnels of Bosnia several of these posters were displayed which mention the following;

“Schumann Resonance Area 7,83 Hz – Electromagnetic Field Ideal For Human Physical, Mental and Spiritual Development”

So, you can watch the video above to learn more about the Schumann Resonance Frequencies but from my understanding, as explained by one of of the Ravne 2 Tunnels Tour Guides, the Earth is exposed to two different types of Radiation.

  • 1# – Natural Radiation: That which comes in the form of cosmic radiation and underground radiation.
  • 2# – Artificial (Man-Made) Radiation: which comes from things like WIFI, radio waves etc.

So, the 2nd – Man Made Radiation (apparently) is a kind of disturbance that interfere with the human antenna and it is this that makes it so difficult to chime in to the Schumann Resonance.

You could say it’s kind of like white noise.

I’m not sure how well I’m explaining this now but if you think about a radio that needs to tune into the right frequency to pick up a radio station it is maybe like this.

Like In some places external factors will affect the quality of the radio signal. You might be driving and find that you lose range of the station you are listening to or vice versa.

I would say that this is like the Schumann Resonance ~ it is usually too disturbed for people to tune into it but the big claim of the Bosnian Pyramids is that once you are in the area and especially inside the tunnels this naturally cancels out every external frequency.

I am sure that this has been proven to be true as well. That the Schumann resonance is a natural healing frequency and it has been measured inside the pyramids.  [R]

It sounds crazy I know but I definitely felt a bit more alive after leaving here.  Like I don’t know how real this was – this could have been a kind of placebo effect and perhaps just walking through the mountain tracks did me good by itself.

However, I do wonder how much this experience has unknowingly benefited me. I mean spiritually and mentally I definitely think it has but physically that I can not really tell.

My general consensus is that maybe I should have spent the week and visited here every day.  Come down into the tunnels and meditated. I am sure I would have more to say if I did but STILL there are some quite extraordinary claims about the Bosnian Pyramids. 

*Like for instance if you do a Google search you can find what visitors here have said.

The Bosnian Healing Tunnels On

(*What Visitors of The Pyramids Have Said about Their Own Experiences*)

This is quite interesting, before I came here I was reading the reviews about the Pyramids and Healing Tunnels of Bosnia on Tripadvisor. Certainly more than a few skeptics here, saying this is all a massive fakery to make money but there were a few people that were far more optimistic about their own experiences.

I mean, I think honestly that if THIS is all one giant hoax then STILL I think they’ve done an excellent job.  Real or not I’ve had a great time visiting both places. Sarajevo I wasn’t too keen on but the town of Visoko was so chilled out and I really liked it here.

In fact, I really miss the place already after leaving and I’m seriously considering coming back again really whenever the opportunity presents itself.  

Especially down in the tunnels which continue to be dug out further and further, and really I think who knows how much will be done when/if I ever come back here .

Like, I will get to the reviews shortly but one guy I see inside the tunnels was being filmed talking.  I’m not sure who he was but I overheard him say that he believed that 100kms of tunnels would eventually be unearthed beyond the current 290M+ and he believed that these tunnels could link to other Pyramids around the world such as those in Egypt. Just Imagine that going in one tunnel and coming out in Egypt!

This I find incredibly intriguing – farfetched yes but as I am very fascinated by stories of middle earth and vast tunnels networks that lead to other far out places I do wonder.  

I will not speculate too much here but about the healing powers of these tunnels – I will share a couple of screenshots below and from these you can decide for yourselves;

healing tunnels of bosnia reviews 1
healing tunnels of bosnia review 2
bosnian healing tunnels review 1

So Are These Bosnian Tunnels Real or Fake?

Personally, I would say they are REAL.  I am no expert on the subject – this I am not denying but what is interesting is a few things.  LIKE the different types of rock found inside the tunnels (and Pyramids if you want to get technical) and the other thing is the superior concrete used all throughout the complex of the Pyramid of the Sun.  

I would guess that is also found in the other Pyramids and tunnels but put it this way this the concrete here is superior in both high compressive strength and low water absorption.  Today’s concrete does not even come close.

If you look into Roman Concrete it’s kind of like this.

Which is all quite astonishing.  If there is no concrete like this and modern people do not even know how to create anything like this then how could this all be a hoax? 

I mean I don’t know perhaps this is something they have just made up to steal peoples money but if you listen to some of the people involved in this project they do make some very interesting points.  

I mean I am not right about everything. Really I am very naïve and gullible regarding matters of the metaphysical and supernatural but seriously this is a huge project that is ongoing with surely a lot more discoveries to be found.

Personally,  It is of huge interest to me.  Much like the many other Ancient Pyramids that can be found in countless different countries.  I think honestly, that if other places in the world also have Pyramids than why not Bosnia?

Also, where else and what new countries could more Pyramids be discovered?

Part of a Larger Network Yet To Be Fully Revealed

This might sound bizarre but people will be very surprised about how many of these structures there really are.

We of course are likely familiar with Egypt and the Valley of the Kings but how about the Mexican Pyramids of Teotihuacan?  Or the Pyramids of China, Cambodia, Java, Indonesia, Sudan, Iraq and Peru?  Crete, Australia, Nubia and Antarctica are more examples…

Some Pyramids have even been found underwater and fascinating facts such as sacred geometry have been found.  It really is some rabbit hole to go down and research into.  How many places like the Bosnian Pyramids are laying there undiscovered?

You could bet there are maybe hundreds. Like when I came to Bosnia I came via Zagreb Croatia and honestly my first thought was on my coach trip into the city that some of the many hills and mountains I was seeing out the window could be undiscovered Pyramids as well. And maybe these structures are scattered all over the former Yugoslavian states.

Indeed, I think many countries in Europe could have undiscovered Pyramids.  Austria, France, Switzerland, Germany etc.  Even the USA I would suspect has Pyramids, and this is before we even get to South America – Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador and anywhere basically with hills or mountains.

The world is filled with many mysteries.  The healing tunnels of Bosnia were only uncovered in the past 20 years. 

I would expect many more amazing discoveries to be made in my lifetime and that is before we even look at Pyramids on Mars and the Moon  

Why You Should Visit The Bosnian Pyramids

Really if you have any health issues (if you have the strength) then make your way to Bosnia and see what happens.  I paid only £22 GBP from London Stansted Airport UK to get to Zagreb Croatia, and only £25 more to get to Bosnia.  Y

ou might even be able to fly straight to Sarajevo for £20-30 pounds.

Zagreb itself is a great city, and if you have the time maybe also you can also come vist the other Yugoslavian states (Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia).

£25 from Flixbus should get you there without too much trouble. I came into Visoko via Kiseljak, a taxi from here to Visoko is 20 Bosnian Marks (about £10 GBP).

For my accommodation, I paid £26 for 2 nights at an AirBnB probably only 15 minutes walk from the Pyramid of the Sun one way and 20 minutes to the Ravne 2 Healing Tunnels the other way.

It is cheap here too for food and drinks but the best part is how easy it is to get around.  Probably my only complaint is I couldn’t get any roaming data or phone signal ~ I kind of had to write directions down when I was at my Airbnb but it was quite easy to get about really.

They each have big signposts that can be found on the main road. I think actually Bosnia does a better job of signposting its streets than the UK

Also, for anyone that actively practices meditation or energy healing, this is an absolute must.  You can even come to Visoko and work on these sites as a volunteer.

Check out this website here if volunteering is something that interests you then maybe check it out I think I will actually myself maybe next year.

Visit The Bosnian Pyramids

I think I would probably put this down as one of the most memorable experiences of my life.  My only regret is perhaps that I didn’t stay for a bit longer. 

It was a very rejuvenating feeling just coming back out of these tunnels into the light again. 

I really do wonder what doing this every day for a week would actually do for me.

Maybe I should try one of their Guided Meditation tours or something. I see on the Bosnian Tour website there is the 7 day spiritual tour – probably expensive but anyway it looks good as this visits lot’s of other places with ancient historical significance.

Although, if you want to do on the cheap. Make your way to Visoko and apply to be a volunteer.

But if you feel it is better consider taking this tour.

It is totally worth it I would say. I think Mostar looks like a good place to visit too. It has some nice hotels to stay at for cheap and from here ONE THING to definitely go see is the waterfalls on the Herzegovina day tour from Mostar.

I shall finish this up here anyway.

Many thanks for reading;

Alex B. Chivers

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